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Members of the Australian Alumni Association (Thailand) will have access to a number of activities and meet other alumni, Australian diplomats and businessmen that would enhance their connections that could benefit their careers, work or businesses. They will also be able to learn from the experiences of their peers as well as forge new friendships.


Members will also be able to post and promote their own activities or planned events that may be of interest or beneficial to Australian alumni living in Thailand, seek job opportunities or post job offers on the AAA Thailand website. However, AAA Thailand committee reserves the right to screen, edit and approve all items before they are posted on the AAA Thailand website.

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Mentoring Events


AAA Thailand members are welcomed to attend (without charge) to all our mentoring sessions organised throughout the year. Prominent alumni ranging from top government officials, entrepreneurs or diplomats are invited to host these mentoring sessions, share their life and work experiences and answer any questions from the audience. A reception follows each mentoring session.

Networking and Events


AAA Thailand members can expand and enhance their contacts with other alumni (Thai and Australians) by joining the series of networking events organised in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Khon Kaen, Phuket and Chon Buri. The networking events also provides opportunities for alumni to link up with friends and colleagues who studied at the same universities or state and reminisce about the good times had in Oz. Members will also have the opportunity to be invited to attend certain official functions organised by the Australian Embassy.

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Website Disclamer

Since 2016, admission to AAA Thailand events have been free of charge. However, the AAA Thailand Committee reserves the right to charge nominal fees for certain events from July 2020 onwards. For events organised by the Australian Embassy, AAA Thailand will submit names of alumni members to the embassy on a rotation basis. However, the final decision as to which alumni are invited rests with the Australian Embassy.