November 26, 2023

🌟 Alumni Athlete Showcase: Khun Thira Chutikul ⚽🌟| Samarnmittra Sports Day 2023


Today, we shine the spotlight on a remarkable alumni athlete, who graduated from RMIT University in Melbourne, Khun Thira (Um) Chutikul, whose passion for soccer has been nothing short of inspiring.

⚽ A Passion Ignited Early: Khun Um’s love for soccer began at the tender age of 4 when he kicked off in a mini-league at Bangkok Patana School.

🏆 A Star in the Making: He swiftly rose to prominence, becoming a star player for Bangkok Patana School, securing multiple championships during his school years.

🌏 A Journey Across Continents: Khun Um’s soccer journey extended to Australia, Melbourne, where he participated in RMIT’s recreational activities.

⚽ Beyond Soccer: While soccer holds a special place in his heart, he’s also a sports enthusiast, enjoying games of tennis and golf.

🌟 Beside his profession in acting, Khun Um’s commitment to sports and his indomitable spirit are truly commendable. We salute his dedication to both the arts and sports!

Don’t forget to come and celebrate with us through the Samarnmittra Sports Day 2023 and creating a memorable experience!


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Location: Polo Football Park


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