November 26, 2019

A fireside chat with Australian Ambassador H.E. Allan McKinnon and Networking of Alumni of the North

Australian Ambassador H.E. Allan McKinnon played a key role in the AAA Thailand event in November 2019 – a fireside chat combined with a networking event for alumni living in northern Thailand. Over 50 alumni attended the fireside session as Ambassador McKinnon, in a frank and honest manner, shared how he progressed through various roles in his career. The networking session also adopted a different approach with a constant slideshow projected onto a large screen portraying photos as well as where they studied while in Australia. The participants – from academia and the private sector – are alumni from 29 Australian institutions.

Location: Le Meridien Hotel, Chiang Mai


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Since 2016, admission to AAA Thailand events have been free of charge. However, the AAA Thailand Committee reserves the right to charge nominal fees for certain events from July 2020 onwards. For events organised by the Australian Embassy, AAA Thailand will submit names of alumni members to the embassy on a rotation basis. However, the final decision as to which alumni are invited rests with the Australian Embassy.