September 1, 2020


The Australian Alumni Association (Thailand) received a major boost of support today (Tuesday 1 September 2020) from the Thai Students Alumni of Western Australia (TSAWA) group. Senior representatives of the group officially handed over 634,000 baht to AAA (Thailand) at a luncheon ceremony at the RBSC Polo Club in Soi Polo off Wireless Road. This fund, to be managed by AAA (Thailand), will be used to promote education and AAA activities.

Professor Dr. Pichaet Wiriachitra (who was named Australian Alumni of the Year 2015 and the annual Australian Alumni Awards organised by AustCham), Khun Thawat Wattanathada and Khun Harn Aramvith represented the Western Australia alumni group at the handover luncheon hosted by committee members of AAA Thailand. 

“Thai students studying at the University of Western Australia the mid-1960s and 1970s organised Thai nights to raise awareness of our country among Australians. These events also raised funds to help fund scholarships for Thais back home,” said Khun Thawat who graduated in 1971. 

“These Thai Nights comprised a display of Thai cuisine and dishes, cultural performances and even Thai boxing exhibitions,” said Khun Harn who was one of the students who donned boxing shorts to display his Muay Thai skills. 

After returning to Thailand, the Western Australian alumni group steadily built up the fund to about 900,000 baht. In August last year the group decided that the funds could best be used to assist a worthy cause that would benefit Thais and support the objectives and activities of AAA Thailand. The group donated 300,000 baht to Siriraj Hospital and raised additional funds and handed over 623,000 baht to AAA Thailand.

“For the past five decades our group has been involved in various charitable activities. With this fund we would like our legacy of giving back to be remembered and continue among the younger generation of Australian alumni in Thailand,” said Khun Thawat.

Both Khun Thawat and Khun Harn will join a AAA Thailand working group help administer this fund.  

The AAA Thailand committee, on behalf of Australian alumni in Thailand, is honored to have gained the trust of the Western Australian alumni group. This fund is a great boost to AAA Thailand which will work to ensure that the fund grows so that it can be used to promote education and boost Australian alumni activities in Thailand.


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