October 25, 2019

Road trip to Buriram

At the Australian Alumni Awards 2019, Mechai Viravaidya was recognized with the Alumni of the Year Award. In his speech, Ajarn Mechai said he is happy to work with the Australian Alumni Association (Thailand) to support a school in Kanchanaburi to implement a Partnership School Programme which adopts the principles and practices of the Mechai Bamboo School in Buriram Province. 

Apart from forging and building a vibrant Australian alumni community in Thailand, AAA Thailand believes alumni should give back to Thai society. Therefore, AAA Thailand is happy to support Ajarn Mechai in promoting better education, life-long learning and helping schools generate income for their communities. In order to enable for alumni to witness how the Mechai Bamboo School operates, AAA Thailand organised a road trip to the Mechai Bamboo School. 

The visit was an eye-opener for the group of alumni who were warmly welcomed at the school by the students and Ajarn Mechai. More work is required for AAA Thailand to support Ajarn Mechai’s Partnership School Programme.

Location: Mechai Bamboo School, Buriram


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