Phundanai Sathavonmanee

“Peter” Phundanai Sathavonmanee was the recipient of the Australian Alumni Entrepreneurial Award in 2016. He graduated from Monash University and helped found the Siam Smile Society (Thai Student Club of Monash) in 2010. He is also the youngest president of Monash Alumni group in Thailand. Growing membership from 10 to 200 members in one year, he works closely with alumni based in both Thailand and Australia. Currently, this 29-year old alumni is both business entrepreneur and investor. 

Peter has been investing professionally in stocks and commodities around the world. In 2015, fast-paced lifestyles and stressful jobs drove Peter and his brother to turn a plot of land in Ratchaburi province into a farm where they could seek sanctuary and grow vegetables as a hobby. Their hobby has since grown into the business venture ‘Coro Brothers Company Limited’. Working with academics, an architectural team, chefs and farmers over several years, Phundanai and his brother opened innovative agro-tourism business called “Coro Field”.

Coro Field focusses on cultivating organic and rare strains of crops from around the world and provides visitors with the opportunity to unwind and gain hands on experience in organic farming as well as organic café and farmer market on site. In 2016, ‘Coro Field’ is awarded best place of Thailand by Myhome Magazine, Top 10 trend places by Lonely Planet, Top 10 Healthy Restaurant by EDTGuide and Top 5 internationally best design restaurant by Architizer. Coro Field receives in excess of 3,000 visitors per day during high season.

In 2017, Peter continued to open Coro series first branch restaurant in Bangkok under the name “Coro Harvest” at Esplanade Ratchada, Bangkok. The restaurant is designed to be one of the few modern urban restaurant with over one-hundred organic menu with its concept of Everyday Farm Food where everyone can enjoy quality ingredients menu with a lower price delivered directly from farm. The restaurant is planned to expand globally.

Peter also sponsors education for hill tribe children and is committed to volunteerism and driven to establish his own charity in Thailand so he may contribute more broadly to improving the lives of those less fortunate than himself. 

“Adventure not only encompasses physical movement but – perhaps most importantly – a state of mind: to open to all things, to embrace everyone, to never stop exploring, and to have the courage to live your passion – this is my Australia.”

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