October 7, 2020

Change and continuity


Since December 2016, the Australian Alumni Association (Thailand) has worked diligently to re-energize and forge a vibrant Australian alumni community in Thailand through activities that enhance networking, learning and friendship. The AAA (Thailand) committee has received invaluable support from the Australian Embassy and worked with other alumni bodies, such as AustCham and the TATSC, to achieve these goals.

As President of the AAA (Thailand) committee, I have had the honour and pleasure of working with talented and dedicated committee members, all of whom play a crucial role and contribute to organise activities and events for the benefit of alumni members. And they do so despite all of them having full-time jobs and careers.

Over the past three and a half years, we have organised networking events in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Khon Kaen and Pattaya. We have also been a part in supporting and organising various education expos and events promoting Australian education among Thai students. As part of our efforts to promote learning, we have organized a number of mentoring sessions where a prominent Thais and Australians have shared their life and career experiences for alumni members.

More recently, we launched our website to promote upcoming and past events.  But we also hope alumni members will use some of the website functions to share and promote planned activities, events, news and information. The AAA committee is especially grateful to a group of senior alumni who studied in Western Australia who donated funds in support of the association’s activities and long-term goal of giving back to Thai society.

All these achievements I have mentioned would not have been possible without the support of alumni members who have joined in our events and activities. The AAA committee hopes this support will continue, and grow stronger, in the years to come.

Despite all our achievements to date, it is time for change. If there is one constant in life, it is change. Change needs to occur to ensure vitality and new ideas. And with this in mind I would like to announce that I stepped down as President of AAA (Thailand) at our committee meeting on 23 September 2020. And I have the honor and privilege to announce that the AAA Committee has chosen ML Laksasubha Kridakon to be President. 

Khun Lak, is no newcomer to Australian alumni in Thailand. In fact, for years she has been a key stalwart and advocate of Australian alumni activities and is most deserving and suited to assume the leadership of the AAA Committee.  Khun Lak also proposed , and the committee unanimously agreed,  to elect Khun Apiradee Bunyalekha and Khun Jak Leelathayphawan as Vice Presidents. I will continue to serve on the committee as honorary advisor.  So as you can see,  despite change, we have continuity.

Lastly, my sincere and deepest thanks to all of alumni members for supporting AAA (Thailand). I hope members will continue to join and participate in our events and activities. And we welcome members who want to contribute more for the benefit of the alumni community of Thailand.

Hope to see more of you at our next event,

Pichai Chuensuksawadi 


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Since 2016, admission to AAA Thailand events have been free of charge. However, the AAA Thailand Committee reserves the right to charge nominal fees for certain events from July 2020 onwards. For events organised by the Australian Embassy, AAA Thailand will submit names of alumni members to the embassy on a rotation basis. However, the final decision as to which alumni are invited rests with the Australian Embassy.